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Month: January 2010

LG Lou for Congress

All of us Corvette owners, fans, and lovers know LG Motorsports. We’ve seen their products, and chances are good we currently do or have owned at least one of them. Lou Gigliotti, the former Corvette race car drivers, and now owner and operator of LG Motorsports, is branching off to do something new. It appears […]

Build Your Own LS9?

Apparently, the guys at GM are considering offering a new “Build Your Own LS9” program for people purchasing the new ZR-1, as reported by Jalopnik. With all of the popularity surrounding the LS9 custom build process that’s been going around motor enthusiast circles and YouTube, I imagine this would be a very popular program and […]

2009 Corvette Sales Numbers

Chevrolet recently released their sales numbers for the ‘Vette in 2009, and while they remained pretty steady through the year, they’re not impressive looking back over the year prior. Of course, they don’t take in to account the cost of the ZR1 and Z06 over the coupe models and the numbers of those sold this […]

Grand Sport Video Review

Burnout Radio made a video review of the new Corvette Grand Sport, and it’s worth a look. Please, bear with them at the beginning, because if you can make it past the cheesey opening they do some pretty funny and entertaining stuff while providing an insightful review. Worth a watch, for sure. I love this […]

22,000 Corvettes Being Recalled

Imagine this: You’re driving your beautiful 2005-7 Corvette or 2006-7 Z06 down the highway on a beautiful, sunny, day and everything is wonderful, when all of a sudden your roof unattaches from your vehicle and goes flying across the highway behind you, smashing in to another vehicle. Sounds crazy, but apparently it could happen, but […]

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