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Month: March 2010

Halltech Killer Bee II

It is official, the Halltech Killer Bee II for the 2005 and up C6 Corvette is hitting the streets and the feedback is looking pretty stellar. The first independent dyno numbers (see below) are just in. Dynoed on a brand new 2010 Z06 just off the trailer: Stock 448.9RWHP/431.6 lb-ft Halltech Killer BeeII CF112 installed […]

New Carbon Z06

Chevy, in anticipation of the Corvette Racing season and towards a greater pursuit of their ideals about bringing production and racing vehicles closer together, have released info on their next iteration of the Corvette. The special edition Carbon Z06 looks likes a pretty fantastic Corvette too. Based around the Z06 and its lightweight body (with […]

GM Talks C7 Design

Ed Welburn seems to be taking a pretty interesting approach at redesigning the Corvette for the C7 model. I don’t know how much I like the whole “lets become more European” school of thought he is employing. The Corvette is a profoundly American car, if not -THE- American car, and I see no reason to […]

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