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C7 Z06 Renders Leaked

Despite Chevrolet’s Best Efforts, Renders of the C7 Z06 Have Leaked Ahead of the Vehicle’s Official Unveiling


In the information age keeping things a secret is almost impossible, and Chevrolet keeps learning that the hard way. As has been the case with the C7 Corvette every step of the way, more information has been leaked ahead of Chevrolet’s planned unveiling. This time, it’s rendered images of the C7 Z06.

2015 Corvette Z06

This vehicle is undeniably busy from front to back. Chevrolet has put aerodynamic touches and extra vents seemingly everywhere they could fit them. It’s beautiful–there’s no denying that–but it may not be to the minimalist’s tastes. The new side skirts, front lip spoiler, rear spoiler and rear fascia, and other body components should equate to improved downforce and drag coefficients.

2015 C7 Z06

The extra vents should all be active. If the supercharger rumors are true, that will explain the large inlet on the car’s hood, and the brake vents should help to keep, what will almost certainly be carbon-ceramic, the advanced brakes cool while trying to stop the C7 Z06’s 620HP and 650 Lb/Ft of torque.

2015 Corvette Supercar

Tomorrow’s the big day, and around 10am or so we should have lots of solid information. For now, though, check out these rendering and appreciate what the next greatest American supercar will be.

620HP 2015 Z06

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