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C7 Z06 Style Corvette Side Skirts Hit the Aftermarket


Just in time for holiday shopping….The Z06 is about to hit the streets and aftermarket vendor RPI Designs has come up with a replica of the Z06 side skirts for the C7 Stingray. These side skirts give your base model the look and feel of a 2015 Z06. We understand these are made from fiberglass and come available in a satin black, Carbon Flash Metallic and also in all Corvette exterior body colors.


These side skirts install to your body the same way that General Motors is equipping all Z06’s from the factory. They bolt into the lower rocker area. These skirts are more than visual improvements, they also provide better down force and help protect your investment from those nasty rock chips.



We originally found these ZR7 Brand Z06 side skirts on the aftermarket vendor website Southern Car Parts ( We feel these side skirts are one of the best looking enhancements you can make to your new ride!

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