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Charger Connection Adapter for the Vette

The “StealthLink” Charger Connection adapter for the Corvette is a genius solution to charging pains. The Charger Connection adapter is a quick and easy fix for the pains of lifting the hood, or popping the hatch to connect to a battery charger. The Charger Connection adapter takes an aviation grade push/pull connector and utilizes this as the connection point of the charger. This unique installation takes place right next to the rear license plate light leaving no point of entry for any critters or any need to have the hatch or hood open for charging. This adapter even allows you to leave the car cover on if you want. The adapter is a creatively quick way for you to keep the battery tended and the car under wraps if you would rather keep it up under the car cover. The charger end comes with either a 72″ SAE 2 pin cord, or a 16″ Ctek cord.

Inside each kit:

  • Custom designed, precision water-jet cut, .125″ T6061 aluminum bracket with black anodizing
  • Black anodized aluminum spacer
  • Aviation grade push/pull connector with a cycle life in excess of 5,000 mating’s
  • SAE 2 pin cord at 72″ / Ctek cord at 16″
  • Watertight plug to seal receptacle when not mated
  • Inline fuse holder with an appropriately rated fuse
  • Custom embroidered “Remove Before Flight” window reminder
  • Sized piece of “VentureShield” clear bra for paint protection (for C6 Corvettes)
  • Step by step installation instructions with pictures

I’m sure you noticed the “Remove before Flight” window reminder on there, but yep, it’s for you. Just in case you happened to hop in one day and get ready to take the beast out for a spin, this reminder is there to keep you in check.

Overall thoughts on this little guy: impressive. A great solution to the common cord and charger issue. This provides a quick and easy access point for your charger and after installation is almost invisible, and a great addition to the car both from an upkeep point of view and a value point of view. Would we recommend it to a friend? Absolutely.


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