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Chevrolet Introduces Corvette Performance Data Recorder

Chevrolet Has Introduced an Incredible New Performance Data Recorder for their Flagship Corvette at the Consumer Electronics Show


Ahead of the unveiling of the C7.R and the C7 Z06, Chevrolet has provided Corvette lovers another fantastic bit of news. At last week’s CES, Chevrolet unveiled a new Corvette Performance Data Recorder technology that will be made available for Corvette owners to provide them an even greater edge at track days.

The Corvette Performance Data Recorder isn’t new technology, ultimately. Formula One, American LeMans Series, and other high end race cars have utilized functions just like it for years and years now; however, its dealer installed availability on a production race car like the Corvette is nearly revolutionary.

The Corvette Performance Data Recorder will allow Stingray owners, and almost certainly those people who are lucky enough to get a hold of a C7 Z06, the ability to record and review their racing performance. The box itself will use telemetry data taken from the vehicle’s computer to provide full hardline data on the driver’s performance at a track. This can show a skilled and knowledgeable driver where they lost precious seconds due to unnecessary movements.

Of course, that information alone wouldn’t be revolutionary. It is, instead, the second aspect of Chevrolet’s new toy that makes it so special. The Corvette Performance Data Recorder will allow the Corvette driver to insert an SD card in to their glovebox and pull off not only their hardline data, but also HD video of their laps. An HD video recorder will be installed high along the windshield line and will provide video footage of the lap, which can then be overlayed with live telemetry data for a full race experience.

This technology will allow any individual a chance to see their driving from a competitive perspective, and, ultimately, give Corvette drivers a chance at seriously improving lap times at tracks that they race multiple times. The videos themselves can also, and certainly will also, be shared online. Corvette communities are certain to explode with track day videos of Corvette racers dominating the twists and turns of their favored local tarmac.

Check out the Chevrolet video below:


Also be sure to watch CNet’s great test of the technology as well:

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