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Chevrolet Officially Announces C7 Z06 Corvette

Chevrolet Will Unveil the C7 Z06 Corvette at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show


We’ve known that a Z06 version of the C7 Stingray was an inevitability since the vehicle was released, and the incredible popularity and praise of the vehicle have made that even more of a guarantee. This new Z06 Corvette may be even more anticipated than the C7 Stingray on which it’s built, too.

Specifications aren’t yet known on the C7 Z06, but expectations are for the track-monster C7 Corvette to feature an engine with 600 or more HP. Rumors have hinted at engine variations ranging from a twin-turbo 4.5L V8 all the way to a naturally aspirated 7.0L LT take on the LS7. Some people have even guessed that the Z06 could feature the LT1 engine of the C7 Stingray with an added forced induction system.


One thing is for certain: the C7 Z06 will be an absolute monster. The 3.9 second 0-60mph time and the 1.05g skid pad capability of the Stingray are already impressive and we can expect the C7 Z06 to best those numbers, and every other one the incredible Stingray puts down.

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