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Corvette Color Woes

The sad news is upon us for the lovers of Crystal Red and Cyber Grey. After the devastatingly tragic earthquake in Japan, where GM sourced its pigment for their paints, they have been hard pressed to continue to produce any of the cars with either of these colors. The most popular colors, 57U and 89U (Cyber Grey and Crystal Red respectively) have been hard pressed to end up on showroom floors or in the hands of customers who so desperately want them. As of this writing, you can’t even order a 2012 model with either of these colors. For those awaiting orders placed with either of these colors, it could mean a very long wait. I could perhaps even be as long as September or October before either of these colors are back on the market at full capacity.

GM however, is currently testing colors to see if they can’t find a temporary match to ease the load of orders that have been placed. The situation in Japan is also improving with leaps and bounds and most large manufacturers are announcing a return to full production by the end of the summer (July/August). Keep in mind though, that when they do return to full production capabilities most companies have some catch up to do, so September and October seem like a good reference point for backordered pigment and even cars from manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota and Honda. Japan has had an enormous effort put into recovering from the 9.0 magnitude earthquake from March of this year, and monetary damage estimates somewhere near $36B USD. With over 15,000 people dead, and another 7,000 missing, this is clearly an emergency of catastrophic proportions. So, if you’re really bent out of shape about your order, or not being able to get your order in, just imagine 5 times as many people dead as the September 11 attacks. The entire country of Japan is roughly as big as the state of California, so imagine the economic and emotional impact this has had on the country.

Just like your mom used to say, patience is a virtue, and as always, good things come to those who wait…

If you would like to donate to the Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts, please read the following link here, as it has tons of great information and information on different organizations that provide relief.


Updated: October 30, 2014 — 8:57 am

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