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Coverking Satin Stretch Car Cover for the Corvette

Whether you live in Boston or Miami, San Diego or Calgary, when it comes to keeping your Corvette clean, a Corvette Car Cover goes a long way. There are few things more frustrating than washing your car, waxing it, giving it a good chamois job, rolling around for the day, then parking it in the garage only to come out the next morning and find that sometime that afternoon your neighbor’s cat decided that your car would make an excellent dance floor. While feline companions make kind of cool house guests, they more often than not, are less welcome on the top of your $XX,000 Corvette.

While most of us prefer to store the beast (the one with wheels, not paws) inside, the garage door might be open from time to time while you’re mowing the lawn, or taking in the groceries, or a myriad of other times. Basically the point I’m trying to get across is the fact that whether you know it or not- light, dust, cat hair etc are all contributing to wearing down the finish on your car. The only way to keep that showroom shine on your ‘vette, is to keep it covered when it’s not in use. Think of it this way- when you were little, Mom kept the “nice dishes” (you know – the ones you weren’t allowed to use for hot dogs, cartoon macaroni, and grape drink) for guests in a special cabinet, out of reach from your grubby little fingers, much the same way that your Corvette should be treated.

What the crew at Coverking has done, is make a car cover out of the softest fleece available inside the cover that not only protects your paint and clear coat, but is specifically designed NOT to rub off onto convertible tops. They also implement their own “Fewest Seams” design that limits the amount of seams that the cover has overall-while maintaining their unique contour following car cover style. The material implemented in the construction of the outer shell of the cover is Lycra, the same material used in form fitting lingerie, bathing suits, and other applications where stretching is needed in both directions from the material. Most of the time the covers are limited to only three seams on the entire cover, all the while using the blind stitch on all seams to hide any thread used to bind the panels together.

All in all, the Coverking Satin Stretch car cover is just what the doctor ordered for keeping the beast clean in the garage, all the while protecting it from all the nicks and kitty paws that find their way to our cars like magnets.

Keep it clean,


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