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Hear that Amazing C7.R Sound

Here’s a Tease of just how Incredible the C7.R will Sound


Corvettes sound great. It’s common knowledge. A proven fact. A law of automotive science. Corvettes always sound great. They always have and they always will. That’s why it was no surprise to me when I heard that the C7.R sounded amazing. No, the surprise came when I heard just how amazing.


The C7.R is Chevrolet Racing’s next GT-class performance race car based on their Corvette chassis. The C6.R, which recently took a pole in Dubai at a GT1 event despite it being sunset in the months to come, has dominated other tarmac and driver alike for years now, and it’s finally time for it to retire. In its place will be amazing variation on the C7 Stingray Corvette specially designed to tackle the world’s toughest courses at some of mankind’s greatest speeds.

We showed you what the C7.R Corvette looks like a few weeks ago when the first spyshots were leaked. And we’ll share official photos of it from its Detroit International Automotive Show unveiling on Monday. We’re excited, and we know you are too, and that’s why this sub-10 second clip is so wonderful. It’s one more taste of what’s sure to become the next world class Corvette racer ahead of its official unveiling.

So, turn up your speakers, sit back, and enjoy, because if this any indication of the what the C7.R will be like then we, the Corvette adoring public, are in for quite a treat.

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