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Jay Leno Driving the New Corvette Z06

Jay Leno test driving the new Corvette Z06

Jay Leno took the new Corvette C7 Z06 for a spin (as he does with all new Corvette models) on a winding mountain road. The car sure seems to handle well. The exhaust note also sounds amazing even on a computer speakers. Jay’s review of the Z06 is very exciting. Being a Corvette aficionado, Jay’s opinion with the new models is something to take into consideration if you are thinking of getting the new Corvette Z06. Jay seems pretty impressed with the car. I certainly know that I am. The appearance and build quality look outstanding. I also excited to know that you can finally get the Z06 as a Convertible (never happened with previous models) and as an automatic. The new Z06 literally takes the best of all the previous C6 models and combines then into one awesome looking/performing supercharged beast.

You will also see that Jay encounters a little problem with the police. Wonder if he actually got a ticket of they let him off the hook.


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