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Lloyds Corvette C7 Floor Mats

Lloyd mats has been in the floor mat business for a long time and they have been the standard for the Corvette for as long as I can remember. The first time I saw set of them was in a C4, and the fitment and just general quality of the mat was super impressive. Of course, the embroidered Corvette logos certainly helps with appeal also. My point is that most all Corvette owners usually gravitate to either the Lloyds Ultimat or LUXE line of floor mats when they are looking to get upgrade their mats (which is as soon as you get the car). If you compare the Lloyds Corvette C7 Floor Mat next to the OEM Corvette floor mat you will see the difference as to why you would want to replace the OEM Mat with a Lloyds floor mat as soon as possible.

Lloyds Corvette C7 Floor Mats with C7 Crossed Flags Logo, in car, drivers side.

Lloyds just recently released their line of C7 Corvette Floor Mats and they look simply amazing. Keeping in line with previous traditions, the C7 Floor and Cargo mats fit perfect, look outstanding, and provide a level of protection far and above what comes with the car from the factory. Honestly, it still amazes me that GM has not ever sourced their Corvette floor mats from Lloyds rather than what they are using now. It just seems like they would be so much better off getting the from Lloyds and I am guessing their customer satisfaction numbers might go up a bit also (however much a floor can influence that).

Corvette C7 Floor Mats with silver Stingray logo on Black mats


The C7 Corvette Mats are offered in most all of the Lloyds mats lineup, that includes LUXE, Ultimat, and TruBerber. The Ultimat has been the Corvette favorite for years but if you want the absolute best (you pay for it also) go with the LUXE. LUXE is the thickest mat on the market and has a LIFETIME warranty. The Ultimat has a 5 year warranty and is not quit as thick, but still much thicker than factory. All of the Lloyds line of Corvette Floor Mats does utilize the OEM Corvette fastening system, so no concerns with the mats getting bunched up under the brake pedal.

Black set of Corvette C7 Floor mats with Stingray logo on front mats and cargo mat

Of course, they also are continuing to offer the Lloyds Corvette Cargo mat for the C7. The Cargo mat is also a very nice addition to the Corvette and once you add the embroidered logo you will find yourself wanting to pop open the rear hatch to look in the cargo area more than usual. In all seriousness the Lloyds Cargo Mat does make the cargo area of your Corvette look super nice, not to mention it is also functional and protects your Vette OEM carpeting for stains and debris.

If you are looking for a great deal on the C7 Lloyds Corvette Floor Mats (or any of the Lloyds Corvette Mats for any make/model Corvette), checkout They are Lloyds dealers with excellent customer service and a great price on all Lloyds products. You can find their complete lineup of Lloyds Corvette C7 Floor Mats here.

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