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Product Spotlight: Painted Corvette License Plate Frame

Here’s a great product I came across that’s available at a great price: Painted Aluminum Corvette License Plate Frames. Trying to keep up with a semi-regular product spotlight series, these seemed–based on their quality, great looks, and affordable price–like a logical next product.

The manufacturing for these is really cool, and, SouthernCarParts–who is one of the major retailers for them and a company that I personally enjoy dealing with (I feel like, as far as Corvette products go, they’re like my everyday Cheers-esque bar where everyone knows my name)–provides a lot of information for how they’re produced. Beginning with a solid brass, heavy cast mold, the base aluminum plate is formed. Each plate is then CNC machine cut for precision, and given a precise, fast machine engraving. The Engravings on these are of the Corvette lettering, with your choice of either Base Corvette C6, Z06, or ZR1 badging emblem to accompany it. Once engraved, the plates are given a multi-coat paint job using actual GM paints. I questioned this, but, was assured that the paint being used is derived from the GM WPA code, and, I’ll be damned if the one I received didn’t match perfectly. The paint is applied in a multi-coat process, with a final clear coating, for shine and durability and looks just like the stock Corvette paint job.

The last part of the production process is the one that impresses me the most. The Corvette engravings on these plates are actually hand-filled with an acrylic epoxy. Typically, hand-filling means that a product is prohibitively more costly than machine ones, but these are definitely affordable. The quality of the acrylic epoxy is perfect, there are no imperfections, and the plate looks awesome to be finished off with these emblems. These things are absolutely gorgeous.

C6 Z06 License Plate Frame, C6 ZR1 License Plate Frame, Painted C6 License Plate Frame

As with any license plate frame, this is easy to install. The painted screw caps are a nice touch to help keep the whole thing looking uniform, and once installed, the plate really looks like it belongs on the vehicle. All-in-all, I’m really happy with the product, considering that it cost under $115 and adds more Corvette badging with an OEM (or better) quality finish. That can never be a bad thing, can it?

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