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2014 Corvette Interior

C7 Corvette Stingray Interior Color Options

C7 Corvette Corvette Stingray Interior Color Options Revealed

One of the most exciting singular aspects of the new 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray is the major upgrade delivered by Chevrolet to their flagship vehicle’s interior. Long maligned as the vehicle’s major shortcoming, the C7 Stingray Corvette went back to the drawing board for a complete revamp of the vehicle’s interior to include enhanced style and comfort. The result has been exciting, and has generated a great deal of buzz amongst Corvette enthusiasts world wide.

One of the most talked about features of the revamped interior is the inclusion of new sport focused seats and various interior colors. Those color options have now been revealed. Each color available will be outfitted on both the vehicle’s seats as well as dash and interior sections to provide the C7 Stingray with an incredibly enhanced interior look–one that is designed to put it in direct competition, aesthetically, with its Porsche and Ferrari competitors. The finished look, from the photos already shared, is beautiful and unique and feels both decidedly Corvette as well as European in its luxury and appearance.

Amongst the available colors are: Jet Black, Grey, Red, Kalahari (a dark red/brown amalgamation that is truly beautiful but will only be available on 1LT and 2LT models), and Brownstone (3LT models only), as well as a special Orange interior color, photos of which are not yet available. Each of these options also features choice of either the aforementioned Sport seats–similar to those race seats required for SCCA competition–and the more luxurious Grand Touring seat which features enhanced lumbar and neck support. The end result will be a vehicle interior that is equal parts comfortable, functional, and beautiful.

Available color options can be seen below:






Jet Black


Kalahari (1LT and 2LT models only)




C7 Corvette Interior Photos

Spy Shots of the C7 Corvette Interior During Testing

AutomobileMag shared some Spy photos of the C7 Corvette during testing that show off some aspects of the interior

The official unveiling of the C7 Corvette isn’t too far away now, but until then, we’ll have to keep settling for spy photos–and as far as spy shots go, these are some great ones. Nabbed during testing, this newest round of spy photos really show of the C7 Corvette interior.

C7 Corvette Interior

The C6 Corvette was only ever criticized for one thing: it’s interior. What many branded as bargain-big feeling in style and comfort, the C6 Interior was nowhere near the quality of the Corvette’s supercar competitors–of course, the Vette costs a fraction of the Ferraris and Porsches with which is competes, so maybe that’s not the fairest complaint. Either way, with design for the exterior, performance, size, and structure all taking shape, the interior was one of the last aspects of the C7 Corvette we were in the dark about, and based on these photos, it looks like GM is living up to their promise of a new level of refinement and quality in the C7 Corvette interior.

2014 C7 Corvette Interior

These photos of the C7 interior show off some aspects of it very clearly: gorgeous, track duty seats that looks nice and relatively comfortable, and, a very great looking, small-diameter D-Style steering wheel. Other aspects of the interior are still uncertain–dash, center console, etc.–but at the very least we know the starting points of it are quality looking and stylish.

C7 Corvette Interior Photo

One other point of interest from these photos is that circular rear tail lights can clearly be seen through the automobile’s body camo. However, these circular tail lights are smaller than one would expect, and are most likely just tester ones. Whether the C7 Corvette will see true Corvette-style circular tail lights, or, as others have reported Camaro-esque square tail lights is still uncertain.

2014 C7 Corvette Tail Lights

Also, the photo of the C7 beside the Camaro ZL1 is a great one for a better idea of the smaller size and stature GM has embraced in the next-gen Vette. The Vehicle definitely looks good in this more diminutive frame–it wears its size well–and this will certainly result in a number of pounds lost from the curb weight. That’s a good thing since we all know less weight equals faster track times.

2014 C7 Corvette Photo

Click any of the thumbnails below for full size images of the 2014 C7 Corvette:

C7 Corvette Spied in the Wild

More Spy Photos of the C7 Corvette in Testing Camo Have Been Captured

It had been a few months since anyone had seen a C7 in the wild, but it looks like right now GM is playing these a little more loosely as this weekend saw two different major publications capture and release images of the C7 Corvette in the wild, in some manner or another.

The first, and honestly more exciting, instance came on Friday when Automobile Mag released a set of on-track testing photos captured by the automotive spy photographers extraordinaire over at KGP Photography. The images clearly indicate a lot of what we have come to expect from the vehicle from other mock-ups and spy photos before it. The feature the very distinct Corvette lines, and a wide, squared off front fascia area. Perhaps most interesting in these photos is the rear end, where the lights are obscured by camoflauge that features round hole areas. Maybe the rounded ports are there to obscure the fact that the C7 Corvette will have rectangular, Camaro-like lights–a much derided decision since Jalopnik first reported that the vehicle would feature them–or maybe they’re indicative of the actual design of the lights underneath. It’s hard to tell, and we can’t be certain until the C7 Corvette is officially unveiled. This unveiling will almost certainly happen in 2013, and most likely at the GM Favored Detroit Auto Show in January.

Click the thumbnails for full size images, courtesy of and Jalopnik:

The second set of images are much more amateur than the KGP Photography ones, and while they divulge less, they do offer some great insight. These photos, first off, show what appear to be 8 C7 Corvettes in one place. This is huge, as it shows that the development has gotten to the point where they have that many test C7’s out there. It’s also big news following the recent string of hirings by GM to retrofit their Bowling Green, Kentucky plant–where Corvettes are built–with new technology for the production of the C7. What this all indicates is that the C7 Corvette is very close to beginning production, which means the spy photos we’re seeing are very close to the finished product.

Of course, what would a new round of photos be without further speculation and rumors. GM has remained tight lipped about specific details of the future of the Corvette moving forward in to 2014, but, we can safely assume a few things, and look at rumors of a few others. One thing is for certain: GM is working to ensure that this next generation Corvette is as light as possible. Some rumors have pointed to this indicating GM’s move to an aluminum tubular frame, as opposed to a steel one, in effort to shave pounds off of the vehicle. This rumor, however, seems unlikely as the cost of aluminum is much higher than steel and may be cost viable at the Corvette’s standard price range entry point.

As for the engine, the rumors are wide and varied. Some places have reported a V8 with a displacement as low as 5.0L, while others seem to think that the 6.0-6.2L range is more likely. Whatever the case, the next engine will feature fuel-saving technologies such as: direct injection, variable valve timing and active fuel management. This next generation small block V8 engine will gain a new designation, and some people have even suggested that GM would use the LT1 designation for it again, although, the confusion that would cause between their early-90’s V8 of the same name and the modern engine make it seem unlikely. Maybe they’ll return the LS designation, but continue with their use of letters instead of numbers, as seen on the LSA. Whatever the case, the lighter C7 Corvette should see a HP:Weight ratio vastly improved over the current-gen, and, with GM’s incredible new suspension technologies, improved track times across the board. There are also abundant rumors out there towards the including of a 7 or 8 speed automatic transmission, utilized as a fuel-saving means.

Of course, these performance changes are almost certainly not the biggest or most important ones that the C7 will see, as GM is due to provide a complete overhaul to Corvette interior in effort to combat the current-generation model’s most maligned aspect. This overhaul will almost certainly feature both analog and adjustable electronic gauges, integrated in to their new DIC, to improve driver feel and experience. There are also rumors that a 9-speaker Bose stereo is in the works, with some publications (like the Corvette Forum news cycle) indicating possibilities of a factory-installed rear subwoofer. Bluetooth, and wireless iPod connectivity, as well as improved comfort features, should place the C7 interior near the quality of the Cadillac line–an improvement that would seemingly ensure that the C7 Corvette interior is free from much derision.

No matter what the case, we’re close to completely knowing and understanding the exterior look of the C7 Corvette, and it’s similar to the Jalopnik rendering we saw much earlier in the year. At this point, only the tail lights seem to be up for questioning on the exterior, as the vehicle is getting close to production beginning and should begin hitting the auto show circuit in less than half a year’s time. What do you think: based on what we’ve seen of the C7 Corvette and what we know about it, how excited for this vehicle are you? Some people aren’t fans of the exterior look, while I’ve heard others in the blogosphere openly applaud it. I, for one, am being won-over by the C7 Corvette look quickly, especially if it features an interior on par with what has been reported thus far, and am holding out hope for true, round, Corvette-style rear lights instead of Camaro-esque rectangular ones.

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