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2012 Corvette Has Two New Catalytic Converters

2012 C6 Corvette Sports Four Cats Instead of Two

EPA Requirements force Chevrolet to add a second set of catalytic converters to the mid-pipes of the 2012 Corvette

If you were to look under the new 2012 Corvette you might be a little surprised at the exhaust design. The C6 Corvette has, since its release, featured two large catalytic converters on the down-pipes, but in 2012 that had to change due to the increasing stringency of EPA regulations. This has resulted in the installation of a second set of catalytic converters on the stock exhaust’s mid-pipe.

2012 Corvette Catalytic Converters

Here you can see the new set of cats installed on the 2012 Corvette.

Thankfully, for us Corvette fanatics, these extra environmental helping catalytic converters will not result in a decrease in engine power output, and no drops in HP or Torque numbers will be seen. The extra weight of the cats will be minimal, also, and there shouldn’t be any reason to expect the 2012 Corvette’s performance to drop down from 2011 at all. Less thankfully, this does mean that aftermarket exhaust systems that were functional for the 2011 may not be functional on the 2012–at least, not road legally.

However, not thankfully, this exhaust change has resulted in some issues in aftermarket exhaust fitment. Already Akrapovic, who are one of the world’s leading and finest exhaust system manufacturers, has stated that their cat-back systems for the C6 will not install on the 2012 Corvette, and that their axle-back systems, known as the slip-on system style, has issues with fitment as well. Thankfully, being the consummate professionals that they are, Akrapovic is producing a solution to this issue. However, this news also means that similar catbacks from other companies may have fitment issues on the 2012 Corvette.

Corvette Akrapovic Exhaust

The change in pipe lengths which were necessary to accomodate the new set of catalytic converters on the 2012 Corvette has resulted in fitment issues with aftermarket exhaust systems designed for older C6 Corvette models.

So, be aware of the changes to the Corvette stock exhaust between the 2011 and 2012 models and be sure to check with the manufacturer or your retailer when purchasing an exhaust for your Corvette.

Edelbrock E-Force Corvette Supercharger

Edelbrock has always made impressive performance modifications, but their new line of EForce Corvette Superchargers pushes the bar. These superchargers, designed for LS Engines, provide incredible HP bonuses in an affordable and easily installed package. Making these superchargers even more impressive is the simple fact that they will fit in the engine bay with the stock hood! That’s right! Gone are the days of having to drop the $$ on the supercharger and then also the new hood to fit it.
These superchargers’ benefits do not stop there, either. Nowhere close to there, in fact. These superchargers, which fit the LS2 and LS3, are rated at 554-599 HP. Those numbers are damn impressive, and will push the C6’s performance past that of the Z06. On top of that, these kits are also 50-State Legal. That means that they’re not only powerful, but also efficient enough for the stringent regulations in states like California and Washington. Edelbrock also sells them with a 5-Year & 100,000 Mile Warranty, which is a testament to their durability and build quality. Oh and did I mention they also make an Edelbrock Eforce Camaro Supercharger?
I know that I’m spouting off on these like I’m an advertisement, but the simple build of them amazes me that much. To get that customizable and powerful a supercharger in a package concise enough to fit underneath the stock hood is incredibly impressive. These Corvette Superchargers are a modification that I would suggest all C6 owners (especially the Grand Sport owners with the improved GS suspension benefits) look in to.

Edelbrock Corvette Supercharger

GM’s Race to Win Corvette Sweepstake

What, you might ask, could possibly be better than a Corvette? How about a free, brand new, Corvette? Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Just head over to GM’s and answer a few short questions and fill out the form to be entered for a chance to win yourself a brand new Grand Sport. Don’t worry the three questions are easy (almost too easy!) and the grand prize will be drawn for on July 7th. Also, be sure to refer friends to the contest, as there is a refer a friend prize as well.

Chevrolet Changes Their Tune for the Chicago Auto Show

After a very publicized attempt at appearing more eco-friendly and progressive during the Detroit auto show pushed the Camaro and Corvette to rear of the Chevrolet area in favor of more environment friendly vehicles choices they had. Of course, that was in large part necessitated by the government presence at the Detroit show, and it disappeared at the Chicago Auto Show this past weekend. In a brilliant move by Chevrolet, they brought forward all of their vehicles in bright colors and placed them in central locations, so that the Aveo and the Grand Sport got seemingly equal real estate, and really brightened up the entire Chevrolet display at the auto show.
Instead of drab gray Camaros tucked against a back wall, the Chicago Auto Show featured the Bumblebee Yellow and Synergy Green Camaro front and center. Juxtaposing the single, dark gray Corvette pressed against a dark gray wall at Detroit, at Chicago there were both a bright blue and bright red grand sport up front and on display, and an absolutely gorgeous shining red ZR1 there to induce drools. It is a nice change and a good direction back to what is a proven strategy for these auto shows: place your entire line-up on display looking as good as it can, to show the wide range of good looking options your company offers. All in all, I want more like this from Chevrolet in the future and hope that their sales continue to do well.

You have the two best American sports cars Chevy, show them off with pride!
Click the thumbs below for larger images of the Chicago Auto Show Corvettes!

Grand Sport Video Review

Burnout Radio made a video review of the new Corvette Grand Sport, and it’s worth a look. Please, bear with them at the beginning, because if you can make it past the cheesey opening they do some pretty funny and entertaining stuff while providing an insightful review. Worth a watch, for sure. I love this car, and it’s great to see (time and time again) every person who reviews it loves it as well. Of course, isn’t that how it always works with any Corvette?

Couple Videos from InsideLine

I loe Edmunds InsideLine and am constantly looking through the website. They have nothing but praise for the Corvette, as any logical human being would expect, and these two videos give some information as to why. The first is a ZR1 and Nissan GT-R Comparison from InsideLine, which shows the ZR1’s dominance. The second video is some track info for the Grand Sport. Both are great to watch and provide some cool info for you number crunchers out there.

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